a realm of paths and pockets

You've come upon a sunny meadow in the woods, full of wildflowers and fat, fuzzy bumblebees flying loops-de-loops. Through the grass you see the overgrown, softened pattern of a labyrinth. Once upon a time someone shaped it. They mounded up the earth painstakingly. Here is the center, the start, the seed. Everyone must begin at the beginning.

Wanderverse is a collaborative fiction project released under the CC0 1.0 Universal license. As with old fairy stories passed down through generations, Wanderverse is freely available for anyone to use however they wish, including for profit.

Currently there are four narrative clusters:

  1. A seed drifts by
  2. Spiral pacing
  3. Soul Juice
  4. Meanderland
  5. Aster Catastrophe
  6. Aster and Elka
  7. Tale of the Tinker and the Tinker's Tale
  8. ...
  9. ?
  1. Elm and Keep
  2. An Education
  3. ...
  4. ?
  1. A gnome, her assistant, and the Nanomancer's apprentice
  2. Diversions Abroad
  3. Nanomancing, Commence!
  4. ...
  5. ?
  1. Gazebo (Wanderpath)
  2. Indian Balsam (Wanderpath)
  3. ...
  4. ?

Sticker designs by @suchaone. High-res files:

Wanderverse is a Sonya Supposedly project. The code behind the website is available on GitHub.